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Grauwölfchen's Diary

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Internet Radio Playlist




How to listen the internet radio with MPlayer.

When I’m at work, I’m listening to the raido ♪
I use mplayer command to listen internet radio(s) on my computer. It’s very easy to use.

Some stations offer us various formats like mp3 or aac for the streaming. We can listen also the internet radio streaming same as local file using playlist (.pls or .m3u).

The web browser’s tab is too much precious resource to us for music, in 2017. Is that right?
Like you, also I listen to the music from local mp3 file using MPlayer with .m3u like this :-D

cat lerex.mp3
./wildman/Le Rex - Wild Man - 01 Mole's Dream of the Prairie.mp3
./wildman/Le Rex - Wild Man - 02 Home Alone.mp3
./ascona/Le Rex - Ascona - 01 Hard Times.mp3

I really enjoyed Le Rex’s music at Jazz Festival Willisau 2017!

How to run command

mplayer command arguments
: only this!
% mplayer -playlist <file>.pls

: or like this
% mplayer -playlist <file>.m3u

What is .pls file?

This is a text playlist file. You can download it from the radio station, otherwise, you can create it by yourself.

For example, Radio Zürisee’s icecast server is here:

You should create it like this.

cat <file>.pls
% cat radio/zurisee/zurisee.pls
Title1=Radio Zürisee: Radio Zürisee (#1  ): Immer 5 Minuten besser
Title2=Radio Zürisee: Radio Zürisee (#2  ): Immer 5 Minuten besser
“Immer 5 Minuten besser” is description by Radio Zürisee. I like it!

These urls is included in .m3u file.

What is .m3u file?

This is also playlist file format.
m3u contains in some cases multiple urls (files). This is also just text file.

cat <file>.m3u
% curl -sLO
% cat radiozuerisee128k.m3u

Of course, you can choose other rates (64k, etc).

My favorite raido stations

By historical reason, I use .pls file for now for internet radio.
If your radio station offers you .m3u, you may want to use it. .m3u should be more easy than it (to create).

my <file>.pls
% cd /path/to/studio
% tree radio
├── radio24
│   └── radio24.pls
├── radioswissclassic
│   └── radioswissclassic.pls
├── radioswissjazz
│   └── radioswissjazz.pls
├── radioswisspop
│   └── radioswisspop.pls
├── somafm
│   ├── dronezone.pls
│   └── groovesalad.pls
├── srf
│   ├── srf1.pls
│   ├── srf3.pls
│   └── srf4-news.pls
└── zurisee
    └── zurisee.pls

6 directories, 9 files

I’ve posted .pls files for these stations on online (for myself).
It is available from here: